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Our rich selection of clients, have a rich variety of needs. We therefore expertly, tailor packages specific to your requirements. We have a tremendously dedicated and vastly experienced team of professionals equipped to handle any commodity thorough any port - sea, land or air.


Air Freight

Working with our regional and global partners, we offer an assortment of solutions and air freight services perfect for your accelerated shipping needs.  Airport to airport, door to door.  Some key services we offer:  

Priority Air Freight, General Air Freight, Consolidated Air Freight, Charter and Part Charter Services.

Sea Freight

Multilines Global works closely with known carriers, to offer timely arrivals and departures. Understanding vessel schedules, the best routes and transit times equip us to handle any kind of cargo, any kind of size. Some services we offer:

Full and Part container loads, Out of Gauge cargo, Oversized or Awkward sized cargo and more 

Customs Brokerage

Navigating the African custom systems can be intimidating and requires stringent attention to detail. Nonetheless, the complicated culture has never been an impediment to doing our job. Our long standing knowledge in procedures and expertise in international trade has resulted in a network of experienced customs brokers.

We take pride in our personalised and detail-oriented approach to ensure our clients shipments are received in a timely manner.

We combine our in-depth knowledge of ever-changing governmental regulations, with a wide variety of logistics offerings to make sure nothing gets left at the border.

Transportation and Distribution

At top the full logistics service we offer, at your request we can organise door to door pick-ups and drop-offs of your goods. The efficiency of our methods and condition of your goods from start to finish, is our highest priority. We make sure to contract responsible and knowledgeable drivers to ensure your packages get to where they are needed. Get in touch today and let us know what you need.

Out of Gauge Cargo

Out Of Gauge (O.O.G.) cargo exceeds the internal dimensions of a container by length, width or height. Depending on its dimensions, O.O.G. cargo is loaded on an open top or flat rack container. We provide a high level of expertise for the transport of XXL cargo and complex project cargo shipments at a global scale.

MGF will not only source any specialised tools and equipment like flatbed trucks, special volume cargo aircraft's, or even inland barges, we will also re-package the cargo to ensure its safe arrival.

Our clients have come to appreciate the personalised care and attention our experts dedicate to their needs. Get in touch today, and let us help!

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